Curriculum & Enrichment

At the Mendham Cooperative Nursery School, children experience relationships, learning and activities in a caring and rich environment. Together teachers and parents nurture the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each child. Our preschool environment promotes development and discovery with an activity based curriculum – one that is encouraging, personal and age appropriate. 

The curriculum is engaging and reflects an understanding of appropriate developmental needs of early learners. It is designed to make the transition from the home environment to the school group setting positive and rewarding for both the child and parents. Our curriculum encourages children to become enthusiastic learners. Our curriculum provides children with the opportunity to play as well as have social and cognitive experiences. The children have language arts, number readiness, science, social studies, and dramatic play experiences in the classroom daily. In addition, field trips, celebration of holidays, investigation of the world around us, artistic expression, crafts, music and body movement is ongoing. The children enjoy our playground daily, weather permitting.

Children at the Co-op learn to:
  • Get along with other children and adults individually and in a group
  • Take instruction from adults other than their parents
  • Transition from individual to group activities in a school setting
  • Develop independence, confidence and a sense of achievement

Children at the Co-op are prepared academically by learning:
  • Recognition of shapes, colors, numbers and letters
  • Identification of body parts and senses
  • Understanding and use of directional words
  • Numerical concepts
  • Relationship of letters to words
  • Seasonal and science concepts
  • Personal hygiene and safety

Daily indoor activities and outdoor play also promote small and large motor development. At the Co-op, children learn by playing, touching, observing, participating and interacting with others. Each classroom environment promotes development and discovery and children are motivated to interact, create explore and problem solve. It is our goal to have children ready for Kindergarten after completing the 4/5 year-old class. 

A typical day at the Co-op includes:
  • Investigation of learning centers
  • Circle time
  • Art
  • Snack
  • Music
  • Literature

Our teachers, parents, curriculum and environment help young children shape lasting positive attitudes towards learning and school, while having fun and making friends.