Our Staff

Staff Overview

The Mendham Co-op is run by a dedicated staff of professional educators and a volunteer Board of Directors.

Director Denise Keevil manages the day to day operation and is responsible for the delivery of the teaching curriculum and managing the staff of teachers and specialists. Mrs. Keevil graduated cum laude from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and has 26 years of preschool experience.  She hold certificates in Elementary Education from both the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  

Our dedicated professional staff is comprised of qualified preschool teachers with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and highly trained teachers’ assistants. The teachers are assisted by one or more participating parents each day.  Our child:adult ratio is 3:1 in the 2 year old program, 3:1 in the 3 year old program and 5:1 in the 4 year old program. The average tenure of our teachers and teaching assistants is 10 years.  

The teachers and support staff are the heart and soul of the school, spending countless hours to provide a quality pre-school experience for each and every Co-op student. The entire staff participates in local, county and state-wide Professional Development workshops regularly to keep informed on the most current research and ideas in early childhood education. Monthly staff and teacher meetings are held to exchange ideas and to discuss curriculum and class activities.

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It is the parents who "own and operate" Mendham Co-op. The Board of Directors is made up of elected members - parents of children in the school - and is responsible for making decisions on school affairs. The Board of Directors meets at the school on a monthly basis and all parents are welcome to attend.