Summer Camp 2012




   The Mendham Co-op is now accepting new families for the 2012/2013 school year. Please click on the "Registration" tab above for a registration form.
For over five decades, Mendham Cooperative Nursery School's goal has been to provide a well-rounded, warm preschool experience in a nurturing atmosphere that fosters emotional, social, physical and cognitive development. We achieve this goal through the cooperation of our talented, enthusiastic staff and involved, caring parents. The involvement of our families is a large part of what makes our school so special. 

The Co-op is a place to explore, laugh, learn and develop a positive self-image. Children leave the Mendham Co-op confident and prepared for social and academic success in Kindergarten and throughout their school years.  
The Mendham Co-op is a fully accredited and certified nursery school.  It is inspected regularly by the state of New Jersey and the Mendham Borough Health, Fire and Building Departments.  
We are conveniently located at 8 Orchard Street in Mendham, directly off of Main Street on a peaceful side road.  

Children attending the school come from Mendham, Chester, Long Valley, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Randolph and Morristown.

Please feel free to call our Director Denise Keevil at (973) 543-6401 or via e-mail at [email protected].

“Because it is a cooperative nursery school there is a wonderful community feeling between the children, teachers and parents. Parents are very involved which creates a very loving and nurturing environment for every child.”
- Mendham Co-op